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What Is My IP Address

This program reports the IP address from which a web request came. If the requester is using Network Address Translation (NAT), the translated or wild-side address will be reported.

DEBUG Server port = 443 peer =
DEBUG rmport = 36020 url = ';debug' realpeer = '[AF_INET6]::d032:8bda:1456:0%3666555600:54540 '
Address Family IPv6
Your IP ::d032:8bda:1456:0%3666555600 (name-unknown)
Proxy From (
Server's IP (
Requested Server
Time on Server 2022-12-01 02:26:20 PST-0800 = 2022-12-01 10:26:20 UTC

An outside site with a more extensive test of your IPv6 connectivity: